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simon averill

I’m interested in the territory where art and science meet. My recent paintings are an attempt to reimagine unseen and unknowable phenomena. Physicists admit that there is much that they do not understand about the quantum universe - their uncertainty gives me space as an artist to explore alternative propositions.

These paintings are a small selection from my last three projects:

Entanglement series

These are from my current series of paintings in which I have been thinking about the interaction (at a distance) of fundamental particles, a phenomena described as entanglement. The fact that it happens has been proven, the how? the why? and what it might look like are questions that quantum physicists are striving to answer.

Photon series

These paintings were made in response to light and particle wave duality. I tried to imagine a photon of light as if it were tangible, that you could hold it in the palm of your hand and observe its properties. I made a series of almost 600 paintings over a period of three years, a process of iteration; everyday the same question, everyday a different solution.

Splitter series

This series was prompted by my interest in perceptual experience.This body of work reconsiders what might take place within momentary instances of seeing; they are an exploration of the ways in which sight, memory and perception interact. These paintings are a translation of, and receptiveness to, intimate time spent within place and nature. Nature is of course, always changing, always in flux. The paintings respond to these unpredictable, fleeting moments of naturally occurring optical phenomenon and distortions to the senses.



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